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International Mobility Insurance

An accident can happen at any time, health problems also (stroke, heart attack, food poisoning infectious disease…). But when this happens abroad the consequences can much heavier. Being hospitalized abroad or even receiving basic medical care can generate extremely high costs which vary hugely from one country to the other. “Bill shocks” are quite common in the USA, Switzerland, the UK, China, Australia, Angola….

Even if a vast majority of the people (expatriates excepted) benefit from a social security in their country of origin, (travelers, employees on temporary assignment), abroad, they will have to pay upfront, the cost being reimbursed sometimes partially and always very lately.

Furthermore, hygiene and sanitary conditions in many countries do not reasonably allow employees in international mobility or travellers to receive treatments locally. Repatriation is generally the best option and sometimes vital. In addition to possible health problems, legal risks should also be taken into account, as well personal liability and security issues (riots, political instability, dangerous areas…).

Protecting people in international mobility, whatever their nationality or occupation is one of the core activities of Northern1.
We can propose individual or group solutions for short or long assignments, private trips and expatriation. Specific solutions can be developed for high or very high-risk zones