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Cavitas dental insurance helps to save dental treatment costs and keep a smile on one's face.

Everyone knows that dental treatment is expensive. Support of National Health Funds is minimal. Often, going to the dentist is an unexpected cost.



  • The purpose of Cavitas dental insurance cover is to reimburse the costs of dental treatment that the insured person receives during the insurance period up to the individual treatment limits.

  • All teeth in the insured person's mouth are covered regardless of the previous treatment history (treatment of missing teeth is excluded).

  • Cavitas dental insurance covers the 50+ different dental treatments like X-rays, anesthetics, fillings, root canal treatment, tooth extractions, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants etc.

  • In order to receive dental insurance cover, the insured person can turn to any dental practitioner in the country. 

Cavitas is Northern1's trademark of dental insurance services in Europe. Cavitas brings together dental insurance offers from different insurers and supports our goals in different markets.